UPDATE COVID-19 03/18/2020


Now offering curbside pick-up and delivery service! Click here to call and place an order at your local Blue Goose Cantina restaurant. Plus,read more to hear the latest on our plan with COVID-19

What are we doing about COVID-19?

Latest updates on COVID-19 and how you can support Blue Goose Cantina

“It’s fight or flight for local businesses right now. We are choosing to fight.” – Nick Peterson, CEO – son of Blue Goose Cantina’s founder, the late Bob Peterson.

Due to COVID-19, the fluidity of every hour and the regulations mandated by surrounding governments, we as a company have shifted to the to-go business.

Along with all the sanitization measures we have implemented at each location (available in our news section), Blue Goose Cantina will take the following measures:

We will be operating with temporary hours based on to-go business and demand and will be updating our community as any changes unfold. For our most recent hours visit bluegoosecantina.com/locations

Blue Goose Cantina is offering select family style meal options available for pick-up curbside at select locations or for delivery. Follow us on social media for updates to our meal options or give us a call.

Our hearts ache for all of those affected by this pandemic including all of those in industries that are fighting the good fight to make it out on the other side. We’ve been around for 35 years and want to continue to be your go to Tex-Mex favorite. We’re on-call for your pick-up to-go orders and delivery!

Our third party partner, DoorDash, is also an alternative. You can place your order with DoorDash by visiting our website and selecting “Order Online”. Please support us by using this link as extra fees are waived by going this route.

We humbly ask for your patience with us regarding any sudden changes that may occur along with all other local businesses at this time as we are working hard to keep our doors open now to the end of this.

Blue Goose Cantina is following the CDC closely, taking their guidance on all relevant issues. As the CDC updates their recommendations, we will change our processes quickly.

We love you. We appreciate your support. We’re thinking of you during this time.

Peace, love & tacos -Blue Goose Cantina

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