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We are encouraged by the news of our communities slowly returning back to *some* normalcy! As with everything we have done at this time, the safety of our guests and our staff are our top priority.

Our stores will continue to offer curbside pickups to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Just as the state is making a slow transition back to every day life, we are as well.

Beginning Friday we will be taking advantage of the nice weather ahead and will be offering patio seating.

It will look a little different.

We will be following social distancing guidelines, spreading our tables apart to allow for proper spacing amongst tables.

No more than 6 people are allowed to dine at each table at any time.

We will have staff around to help with clearing space on your patio table & disinfect areas after each use.

We also encourage our guests to utilize our sanitization stations available and dispose of your trash in the designated areas to minimize exposure to one another.

The best way to enjoy a day/night out with us?

We recommend visiting our website, ordering & paying for your meal online, picking up curbside and selecting a table (when available) to enjoy your meal! You are also able to order your meal by giving us a call or at our curbside tent.

There will be no reservations of tables. If there is a table available, you are welcome to it! If not, your food will already be conveniently packaged to go.

Meals will be packaged as to-go regardless of how you choose to order.

As with everything that we’ve been working through in this season, we will adjust our own protocol as needed. So we ask for patience and love during this time!

We look forward to the days of full patios and full dining rooms, but until then we’re excited to offer this option to you, our guests!

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